Last Sunday I had the pleasure of playing Crooked Dice‘s 7TV second edition. I’d bought into this late last year with a friend and we haven’t really had the time as we both jumped on a Bolt Action league. However, determined to put the system into play we lined up a day and a pretty easy going painting schedule. 7TV is a miniatures game based on cult 60s and 70s shows, with a main focus on secret agents… hence, inch high spy-fi.

The game also plays out in the style of a TV show in that the game is broken down into two Acts and a Finale. Each turn is driven by a countdown card which has some effect on play such as moving a model, or my favorite, “the inevitable explosion”. Countdown cards are randomly selected so every game is different. Players also have the option of drawing 2 cards, rapidly driving the game action and accelerating the game.

Personally I feel the game demands painted minis and great terrain more than any other. Movies are all about the special effects, the visual elements, as well as the action, and I feel this game should be the same. Given a limited selection of painted terrain I suggested a game based around my recently painted château in the french countryside. I picked a Flamboyant Agent Jason Shaw, and a body guard of four ninjas to protect the target of the evil opponent, the poor unsuspecting secretary to the Minister of Defence Ms Penny Money.

Agent Jason Shaw escorts Ms Money to the château while Ninja silently patrol the grounds.


The evil industrialist swoops in with his robotic giant, fembots, and bronzefish.


Agent Shaw obliterates a Bronzefish on the roof of the chateau, while off screen the other robotic menace is dealt with by a Ninja.


The game ended in favor of the bad guys as the fembots used their feminine charm to lure the ninjas from their cover before wrestling them to the ground or blasting them with nippleguns. The robotic giant then took on Agent Shaw leaving the industrialist to capture poor Ms Money in capture bubble!

Armed with the power of hindsight, all Ninjas sounded great, but with almost everyone deploying forward, I got into the action quickly… a little too quickly.

Post game we have also discussed how the game will benefit a lot from a solid story, and after a successful pilot we’ve started planning the first three episodes 😉