One of my local clubs (Outpost6030) has been running a slow grow league for Bolt Action, with games happening the 2nd Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday each month at two different locations! The league started at the super low value of 400 points and is working up to 1500.

 I figured this would be good encouragement to get my SS painted, so jumped on board with the intention of hitting up both gaming nights. So far, so good. My painting schedule is about a month ahead of time giving me the chance to catch up on some terrain building. This gives me a secondary objective of getting my BA table finished by the end of the league (if not sooner).

 One of the other great benefits of this slow grow approach is that everyone in the league (some 20+ people) is also keeping up with the painting so every game is fully painted forces on both sides.

 Last night I finally managed to remember to snap off some photos so here’s a quick gallery of some of the action.