Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight

As you can probably tell from the more professional shots, I really loved painting up Rhyas. The quality of the sculpt was like nothing I had ever painted back in 2011 and the model was a real pleasure to paint. Not only that, my somewhat blunt approach to Hordes at the time, I could actually use this war caster!

ryhas1 ryhas2


I love these little guys. I have way more than 2, but these were the first two I painted. The one on the left makes me laugh every time,. He looks like he’s plotting!

schredder1 schredder2


This shot was taken at the one & only Warmachine & Hordes tournament I co-ran. The event was split over two days, with two separate competitions. This seraph was part of the ringer team for day 2, and I was still finishing that force on day 1!! I couldn’t help myself but get a snap of a the model on the matching themed table. It wasn’t until later when I was processing the photo’s from the event that I noticed the patriotic flag in the background!


TBT Bonus: The Ringer

The photo’s a bit small, blurry, and dark, but here’s the whole day 2 ringer force. Yep… that’s all.