Back at the height of my warmachine days both my sons got involved in the hobby. Whilst my youngest enbraced the hobby (and still dabbles) my eldest liked the gaming, but had no interest in painting or modelling. So, I somewhat brave heartedly volunteered to paint his models. It was a noblemthought and I figured if I kept the scheme simple and clean it would be less of a chore.

Alas 28mm models don’t drop detail or magically become easier to paint because your cause is a noble one. So, I’m more or less still painting these guys -_- In my defence my son did go out and buy pretty much one of everything when he got his first job, so the goal posts did move considerably!

I did however finish a battle worthy force. Here’s Garryth and Rahn


My sons favorite warcaster Rayvn


And my personal favorite, one of the Mage Assassins. This was my first attempt at what I call manga style hair, amd I was pretty pleased with the result.