A couple of weekends ago I decided to make some baseplates for my Sarissa village. A couple of the guys I know have these and they make for a very quick setup/pack down for a town or village. The whole yard walls gates and any yard decorations are instantly on the table. I have also extended mine to the front of the houses and included a pathway. Some quick work with the jigsaw, some MDF, and some ready cast Hirst Arts floor tiles I managed to churn out four plates. The corner café base is not show below because it’s going to have a wooden fence, and so at this stage is just a flat piece of MDF.


Well, as it turns out slowest blitz ever, however I have managed to get two of the yards completed for my terrace houses.


The pathways are hand carved straight into the MDF, and the stepping stone paths are thin card. As the walls are constructed from hirst arts floor moulds they have a flat side that’s meant to be stuck to the floor, so the inside of the walls had to be hand carved to achieve the double sided effect. The gates are made from pop sticks/coffee stirrers cut to length than split down the middle, and the back plank of the gate is thick card.

All up they have turned out a little more time consuming than I had hoped, but I am really pleased with how these two came out.