For my local slow grow Bolt Action league the next round of games is 1000 points.As suspected in the time between the start of the league and now I’ve managed to achieve little by way of expanding my SS Infantry. The league has been great in that I have painted almost every soldier with an early wear weapon, however the complicated camouflage means they are slow to paint, and let say… pain staking to complete.

I’ve also learned a lot over the course of the league, and when the restriction is no heavy tanks, people will go the heaviest medium tank they can find, so my little Panzer II is looking outclassed and my SS out gunned with the potential threat of Soviets. Despite the fact my SS entered the league nominally under the guise of Operation Barbarossa!

Enter reinforcements. The plan was always

  1. paint up the 9th Hohenstaufen infantry
  2. Paint up Early War tanks
  3. Add early war Heer.

Given the way the league has rolled, I’m getting outnumbered pretty drastically, so have decided to accelerate step 3


The PzIIIJ is my favorite of the ubiquitous Pz IIIs, something about its aesthetic just appeals. Doesn’t hurt that it’s got a pretty decent profile in Bolt Action and still fits the Eastern Front theme.

As an added challenge my next round is Tuesday next week, so I have a week to paint up ten infantry and a tank to my usual standard. I think this is achievable as Heer uniforms have a pretty limited palette so I should be able to turn them out pretty quickly. I’ve already got them base coated.


Of course, was May the 4th so I was out playing X-wing. I managed to finish 4th on May the 4th.