By late 2011 I had realised I was never going to be a competitive Warmachine player. I just didn’t have the time to practice and learn all the factions and their tricks. So, I switched up to collecting small forces of models I really liked. Lord Carver and the farrow were a small faction at the time, with few options, but I really loved the style as Pig-men were a bit unique in the miniatures gaming world.

Ironically, the major driver for me getting these painted was a local tournament! With a 35 point target I set to painting a whole new faction rather than take something I already had painted.

Rorsh and Brine

This mercenary pair were an auto-include for me. Not only do they look great, the whole idea of a cigar chomping dynamite throwing pig man who loves it when a plan comes together was just too good to not add.


Blue Warhog

I needed some way to separate my warhogs in the field, so decided that they would be different colours based on salvaged armour from different Warmachine factions. “Blue” got Cygnar.


Red Warhog

To mix it up, the second warhog (there really were few options back then) got the Khador and Circle treatment. One of the disappointing aspect of the Warmachine hobby locally was as I have said before, the major tournament driver. Privateer Press has a really tight conversions rules for tournaments,which don’t get me wrong is a good thing in tight competitions, but it meant for the modeller in me I couldn’t do much to the models except re-position an arm. So this guy got a plate off a WH40k Talos engine, which looked rather Circle of Orboros like, and added to the model without breaking any conversion rules.


Lord Carver

The big pig himself. I was really happy with how this guy came out, and while the picture doesn’t show it the yellow runes really popped on the model.


I think I lost all bar one game at the event, came close to bottom of the table, but really enjoyed painting up the crew, which also included Farrow Brigands. The hard work painting paid off as well as much to my surprise I walked away with best painted faction.