I haven’t had the time this week for a dedicated photo shoot session and with winter approaching there is less natural light around by the time I am home from my day job. Unfortunately real life hindered completion of the Heer, but I did get them to the minimum standard for the league even if I wasnt 100% satisfied with the results.

So Tuesday night the Heer made their way to the start lines, keen on advancing on the American HQ (demolition scenario).


The SS took up the right flank.



The lack of a finished paint job made the penalties clear with my Panzer III J being destroyed outright by the enemy artillery. It was a bold move by the panzer crew but ultimately did not pay off when they rolled a 1 to hit. The escorting Heer bravely tried to provide some “soft” cover but a string of great rolls from my opponent destroyed the tank.


Meanwhile a flame thrower team had screamed to the fore in a jeep, desperate to take out the SS sniper with their close range weapon… and that they did!


On the right flank the MMG had set up in a great enfilading fire position. The managed to pin down a squad of engineers for a few turns, but completely failed to hurt the flamethrower team that had advanced right into their sights!! Of all the units it was the mortar team who dropped a shell right on the teams fuel tanks, inflicting a half dozen hits and the equivalent of 4 kills to the 2 man team.


Meanwhile, the American Engineers make their slow and inevitable advance under cover…


As the game rolled out it was clear my force was fighting a delaying action. The Heer infantry had been pinned and even Rally orders from the 1st Lt wasnt getting them moving. Ultimately they ended the game with 8 pin markers. Nonetheless they had held up the American greyhound for a number of turns.

On the right flank the engineers and Sherman were making a slow advance on the SS HQ, while the SS maintained a reasonable rate of return fire despite being pinned down.This kept the Americans at bay, but it was only a matter of time.

At one point my Sdkfz233 had been marked by the enemy air observer, and unable to recce out of it or the incoming plane decided to surrender and drove straight at the American lines! This took it directly into the range of a bazooka team for a side armour shot which stunned the crew, and the opened up the greyhound to rear armour, which also stunned the crew!!


However the crews luck didn’t hold out when the aircraft made its strafing run and it was finally destroyed. As per the mission, at the end of turn 6 my opponent rolled the dice, and that was the end of game. A desperate delaying action that ultimately ended in a draw, but in truth my opponent had me from the second turn when my panzer was destroyed and my infantry pinned.

Next month games scale up to 1250 points and I’ll be finishing the Heer units and adding in more Heer infantry.