A somewhat rare WWII vehicle the recce Sd Kfz 233 doesn’t even have a cool codename like Panther or Tiger so I’ve started calling it simply the 233. After a bit of too & fro with Warlord for the correct parts I was finally able to get this piece completed for the first round of 800 point Bolt Action games. Unusually for me I’ve gone for no particular unit for this particular AFV. As only a little over 100 of these were made, the likelihood of it fitting in with my armies at the right time and the right place historically was slim, so I didn’t really bother too much trying to make it historically accurate.

This was also my second crack at Red over Blue’s Baking Soda Mud Technique, and this time I followed the instructions a bit closer, rather than going from memory like I did last time. This time I mixed up the water/paint solution, adding PVA for strength, and then added in the baking soda (and a pinch of static grass). As a result I got a completely different texture to my Panzer II, but it was much easier to apply. I also did not suffer the weird white sheen I got with the Panzer II, but that may be more to do with lower ambient temperatures when it was drying.

I was really happy with the results, and it was only after I took all these photo’s I realised I had completely forgotten to add decals! Fortunately without unit markings it’s really only German crosses and they are placed high on the 233 that I was able to get away with just a touch of brown paint to weather them.