The last of my Early War tanks the Panzer IIIJ is my Favorite tank of the III/IV series of Panzers. There’s something about the aesthetic that just appeal to me. While this one, like my other early war tanks has no unit markings, It’s nominally Rommel’s 7th Panzer division. This is probably the last tank I’ll be dressing up with this much mud, again using the baking soda technique from Dan Hoyt’s Red Over Blue blog. Not because there is anything wrong with the technique, but I’m probably going to go a little lighter on the mud for my late war vehicles, and focus more on camouflage.


The 411 number on the turret is a Flames of War decal. As the PzIIIJ has those protrusions on the turret (I am not sure what they are) I needed something smaller to fit under them. Historically numbers were either under or straight over the top. For Russia they seemed to be the smaller version, plus that was the easier option.


This decal really copped it with the mud, largely because the old decal cracked and broke when I applied it, and damned if I could get the pieces to line up again. It was also the second so I was already committed to tank 411.


The front on view showing the caked on mud. Someone is going to have a heck of a time cleaning this post operation!