As a part of my project to increase & upgrade my personal terrain collection, I’ve been working on modularising and standardizing scatter terrain. I have settled on 40mm bases as Renedra bases as they are cheap and readily available. I’ve started with trees but also have some telegraph poles in progress. The first 10 trees based up and ready to go. These are railway terrain pieces picked up from eBay, stuck to renegade bases and then a decent thickness of dental plaster added to bring the base thickness to around 3mm. This is so they can be used with or without a “base” (keep reading) and match all the rest of my terrain which is for the most part based on 3mm MDF.


A large forest of scatter trees with a squad of Heer moving through them. This is fine for most games, but I want to take my forests to the next level. A clear base that outlines where the forest starts & finishes eliminates any misunderstandings before they start.


Here’s the same trees on a small forest base. I’m aware that 4Ground make kits that are like this, but they are a bit expensive for my tastes and the double basing makes the forest twice the height of the rest of my terrain. As mine are a single sheet of 3mm MDF with 40mm holes cut in them I can’t lift and move the whole forest in one go, but by the same token I can’t think of a reason I would want to do that other than when packing away.


Here’s that same squad of Heer moving through the forest. There’s enough room among the foliage that a fairly big unit should be able to be placed in the forest without removing any trees, but if there are large based models, or tanks, etc then individual trees can be removed to make way, and then replaced once the unit has passed through.



Here’s my Sniper, conveniently on a 40mm base  lurking on the forest edge.


The other objective I had in mind was blocking “true” LoS. It’s one of my pet peeves about this rule that if you can see it you can shoot it. In many cases that’s ok, but when it’s a shot through an intervening building, then through a forest, to a unit on the other side of said forest, it starts to push the magic bullet envelope.

Terrain also generally sacrifices realism over practicality. While a human could push their way through a dense and over-grown forest, that becomes impractical to model because you need to place toy soldiers in the forest, and they have bases, etc that just get in the way. To accommodate that, undergrowth is usually kept to a minimum. I’ve taken a bit of a middle ground with this base and strategically placed bushes on the base such that in many cases, it will block line of sight. The follow photo isn’t quite a soldiers eye view, but you can see the bushes almost form a row, and only one Heer is just visible.


… but there are five on the other side of the forest.


By standardising on 40mm bases I’ll be able to re-use that base for many things… I could put a telegraph pole on one of the outer circles, or replace trees with bushes for just an overgrown area, or even rocks.