A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, I decided the Games Workshop’s game was just too expensive for me. It spun away from being an infantry combat games and became more focused on vehicles. So essentially it ceased to be the game I started and shifted outside my affordable price range. So, I cast aside my traitor legion and checked out other games, but always felt the lack of sci-fi.

Gates of Antares crossed my radar, but didn’t really seem to pick up locally. The model range initially didn’t really appeal to me either. Then there was a blip of interest at a local club…. but nothing much seemed to come of it.

More recently one of the guys at another club (I try to stay across the whole local scene!) started posting his Algoryn and my interest turned back to the game. This then seemed to slowly spark more interest then whoosh, it seemed to take off! A “Tale of 4(+) Gamers” thread popped up that sealed the deal. A small of community of gamers and 5-6 months of focus on a system. Count me in! Hands down it beats every other gaming scene I am interested in right now or have on my radar as coming up.

My choice in the PanHuman Concord was driven partly by the lower cost of entry, as a majority of the infantry are plastic, and by my other primary driver… how I was going to paint them! It’s not too original, and I know it looks good because it’s been done before by this guy. White.

Yes an army Stormtroopers, although in my case I’ll be making them a little more like Clone Troopers because that allows me to add a touch of colour to the force. I plan to mix this up across the different troop types. Using the handy Concord Armour Designer from Warlord they should look something like this.

Some of the hero and command models will be modeled after Jedi, so the NuHu will probably be blacks & browns like Anakin (pretty sure I have seen this done too but my Google-fu is failing me), and Commander-in-chief Josen I am going to model after Obi Wan, so brown & cream … I may even green stuff a beard!

I don’t think I’ll be converting any light sabres though. It’s tempting given the power of an IMTel stave, but I want a hat tip to Star Wars, while still being a clearly recognizable Concord force. The NuHu drone may get an R2D2 style paint job depending in how much space there is on that little model, although a golden drone sounds fancy! For basing I think I’m just going to keep it simple and go with sand & static grass.

White is a tricky colour to paint, but I painted a White Scars army and learned a fair bit from that. That was also before the wonder that is washes.

The real challenge will be painting fast. As part of the “Tale of 4 Gamers” challenge I aim to complete a playable 500 points in the first month. That month has already started, and I have exactly zero models in hand! They are all in the mail. My 500 point list is however tooled up as far as it can be without adding more models.

NuHu Mandarin

C3 Strike Squad
Plasma Lance, Spotter Drone, Plasma Grenades

C3 Strike Squad
Plasma Lance, Spotter Drone, Plasma Grenades

C3 Support Team
Spotter Drone, All Ammo Types

3 Tactical, 1 Support
16 models (not counting the launcher)
499 Points

Sixteen models in 500 points doesn’t sound like a great formula for winning games, but there’s a fair bit crammed in there that should rapidly expand my knowledge of the game helping me determine what to add and what to drop for September.

The C3 Support team has been ordered in Australia, so I hope to have that in hand next week. The rest of the force is inbound from the UK, so there could be some frantic action come the end of the month!