When I was first shown What3Words my first reaction was… what’s the point? Here’s a location on the map and it’s called Dark Duck.Goose… and the value of that is what?

Then I started looking into it further and…


what3words is a unique combination of just 3 words that identifies a 3m x 3m square, anywhere on the planet. I’ll type that again… these guys have divided the planet up into 57 trillion, 3m x 3m squares and allocated them a fixed & unique 3 word address. Kind of mind blowing in itself.

You can read more about this and how it works at the What 3 Words about page but essentially this means you can quickly relay not just an address, but a location down to within 3 metres… even if that location doesn’t have a formal address, like the middle of a desert. Having your car breakdown between Madura and Eucla is daunting, but imagine being able to report an emergency at catchment.generations.glass and direct emergency crew to the 3m square location.

Imagine being able to direct someone to not just the address, but the front gate. Though I’m not entirely convince the Queen wants to live at gladiators.moral.hammer.

… and that’s where this mind blowing concept starts to struggle I guess. How do you convince the world this is a better system than what has worked (mostly) for hundreds of years? Try the map and search your address… would you want to tell people that’s where you lived? Or would you move your letterbox 3m to the left for a better address?

Regardless, its an interesting and innovative use of GIS technology. Hope you enjoyed this rather rare off the usual hobby topic post.