One of the local clubs I follow run a  monthly painting challenge. No prizes other than kudos and selection of the next months theme. August’s theme was “Red”, and given I didn’t really have any plans for red I reached into the box of Reaper Bones minis for a dragon.

Given I also jumped on board a “Tale of X Gamers” for Gates of Antares in this month, I figured I had best churn this one out in short order so I have time to paint Concord troops.

I wanted to stay true to the original artwork, and a red dragon is such a classic DnD adversary so having one in the collection seemed right. The Shading in the original art is very dark, black in places. Rather than try to recreate that IO have simple made the wings darker than the rest of the dragon. .

I struggled a lot with light when taking progress shots,  mainly due to the fact I tend to paint mostly in the evening. In the end I gave up and just took the final shots outside as this gave the best representation of the actual models colour.