Well, my Tale of Antares Gamers hasn’t gone to plan. The postie hasn’t delivered as expected and I am a good 460 points short of my goal, with no models to paint. What I have managed to paint is the X-Launcher team I bought locally. This proved the scheme but completes just 40 points towards my 500 point goal for the month.

As the countdown widget on the right says, I have 10 days left, so even if the postman delivers today I am still going to be pushing about two models a day to hit the target 500 points by the time I have assembled them. I also don’t really want to rush the NuHu as he will be a central figure in the army, and I haven’t yet finalised a scheme for him.

However, I am still inspired by Gates of Antares, and have been busily working away at a number of terrain pieces. So once my army is ready to go I should have a decent table worth of themed terrain.Possibly enhanced by my Necromunda terrain, but we shall see.

The first of the Antares terrain to be completed is a clutch of Alien inspired eggs. Or maybe they are just strange formations lying in the humid swamp? Either way, I’m sure this X-launcher team will be fine.

Click on the images above for a larger view

Meanwhile, in terms of the Tale of Antares Gamers competition, there are six of us taking part. So, lets have a look at the competition. Images shamelessly stolen each players blog on the I’d Crit That forums.

Ratt – Ghar
Ratt’s in the same boat as me because he placed the order for the starter set we are splitting. Like me, he’s managed to pick up some extras.


Sanguis – Isorians
Sanguis 500 points are done. I’m jealous.


Lastakodo’s Ghar Rebels
This photo was from a while ago and I fully expect Lastakodo to have finished these by end of month.


Chops’ Boromites
Taken from the  same batrep as the above photo. I am not looking forward to those vortex charges… but love how they have been modeled up.


Shiney’s Concord
Thus far all I’ve seen from Shiney is this planned scheme.