One of the great things about sci-fi terrain is it’s impossible to be wrong.Unlike games based on the real world you can go to town. I’ve not quite gone off the planet with this piece, but (hopefully) it’s not something you’d encounter in this world.

Inspired by the Aliens series I wanted to have  swamp piece where some giant alien eggs had been laid. I can imagine some creature utilizing the tepid water and humid atmosphere to hatch it’s alien brood.

Plastic eggs are pretty easy to come by, usually filled with candy or some small kids toy. I picked up three eggs for as many dollars, popped them open, and glued the more egg shaped half to some MDF. I also ran some hot glue down the side of the egg to quarter it up, and make it look like just maybe it might split open. I put two seams across one half, joining them up here and there.


The hot glue also covered holes in the top of the two blue eggs. I then created a low wall along the edge of the MDF with some cheap gap filler to create a pool. I covered these with PVA glue and ran trails of PVA glue between the eggs to create some areas of higher ground within the pool. The whole lot was then covered with sand.


Once dry the sand was knocked off, and the whole piece sprayed black. The eggs where then painted grey, and the base brown.


Then the eggs were given a green was to create a grey-green colour. The gaps between the seams were picked out with a bright green. On the areas of the base that didn’t get any sand were painted a medium green.


Finally the eggs are given a brown wash to further dirty them up. Then the seams are picked out with a dark green, being careful not to completely paint over the glowing bright green. A watered down dark green is run through the middle of the green areas, and a watered down brown applied along the edges of the raised sand areas creating a brown – green – dark green effect in the deeper areas of the pool. Grass tufts, tall grass, and a couple of small bushes are added to the base. I then sealed the terrain piece with a gloss then matt varnish. Finally, water effects are applied over the green water.



The resulting piece is also deliberately scale independent and could be used for 15mm or 54mm, as well as the 28mm I built it for.