Continuing the terrain build for Gates of Antares, this time with some dead simple huge leafed plants. I’ll probably make some more of these to get coverage of a larger area. While I intended these as “alien” plants, a little research shows that these leaves are not far off the size of the real world colocasia gigantea, or Giant Elephant Ear plant  found in South East Asia.

I picked up a single stem spray from the local K-Mart for $3 AUD, and three round coasters (about 90mm diameter) from my local Bunnings hardware store for $0.90 AUD a piece.


Each of the leaf sections was then pushed right to the top of the stem, and the wire cut 4-5″ long. I then bent the wire 2-3″from the leaves, and coiled the remaining component to make a stand and something I could glue to the base (sorry no photo’s at this stage, If I make more I will try to remember to revisit this post). I then glued 3 stems to each coaster, and as I had a left over one, four stems to the 3rd coaster. Try to arrange them stems such that the leaves will fully cover the coaster.

You could stop at this point as the leaves cover the coaster, you’ll never see it. However, I like to go a little further so mixed up some dental plaster with a half tsp of Brown oxide powder. This gives me a muddy underside to the plants. I could go further and add sand texture and paint it up like I usually do on my bases, but in this case I’m stopping here because most of the time all you’ll get a is glimpse through the foliage. Plus I ima\gine that not much does grow under all those leaves!


Once the plaster is dry bring the leaves back down so they are even spaced and arrange them to nicely cover the base. That’s it! Finished!


As can be seen the leaves are pretty large next to our Concord trooper, but are pre-textured and require no further work to look good.


As scatter pieces these can be spread out for form paths through the jungle…


… or clumped closely together for impassably dense terrain.


AS the leaves all overlap the base the three bases blend together so well you can hardly tell that they are three separate bases!


Given the Giant Elephant Ear plant is found throughout South East Asia you could even trim out that center stem to make it look more like the real plant. Add in some bamboo  and this same technique to make the same kind of base for Vietnam war or WWII settings in South East Asia.