Or lack thereof? Frequent readers may ask themselves where’s Dave?  Aside from catching a nasty strain of this years Nurgle’s Finest, I’m struggling to separate myself from the remastered Master of Orion.

My son noticed the game on my Steam wish list, and his brother had been giving it good reviews so he grabbed me the Collectors Edition for Father’s Day. Now when he comes home from work at 11:30 at night he offers passing comment along the lines of What have I done? and I’ve created a monster, and Don’t you have to go to work in the morning Dad?

How good is this game then? Well I never played the original Master of Orion, so if you were sucked into this game back in 1993 you probably know where I am coming from. However from all I’ve been told it largely is the same game, but brought up to today’s standard of graphics. As I have never played it before, I can’t confirm of deny this.

What I can say is it’s very purdy, has me hooked, and is taking a massive bite of my current Antares project time.I don’t seem to have time for much else. I have a galaxy to conquer!


That’s not to say I have done nothing however. I have managed to order the next wave of Antares models. Incoming I have the Support force, some drones, and more Drop Troops including the mandatory Drop Command Squad to expand out those units when our group hits points levels that will allow me to include them. I’ve also picked up more plastic plants and coasters to add to the jungle.Our group also scored a special mention in the Antares Initiative update from Warlord games! (Scroll right to the bottom).

Thanks to my over-painting last month, I only have a couple of light support drones to paint this month. Well, for Gates of Antares, I also have an entire Bloodbowl halfling team I need to paint for Redneck Rumble late October, model up some “Take Root” tokens for the treemen, and add more paint to my Marvel miniatures for whenever bu they look so cool I want to paint them now. Oh I also picked up some dumpsters from Knights of Dice, assembled them, and undercoated one.  More to come on these when I get them finished… so November? Hopefully not.

Well, that about it for the hobby update. More to come by the end of the month because I do have things I need to do by my self-imposed, no-impact-on-my-life deadlines, but I am sure I will leave those to the last-minute like I did last month. Back to the halflings Master of Orion.