September once again finds me rushing Gates of Antares miniatures out the door in order to hit my monthly quota for the Tale of Antares gamers. However, it’s a challenge I’m up to.

Of course the first real challenge was getting my miniatures to paint in the first place. Not a really good excuse, but I wanted to batch paint them as I just find its a good way to work. Anyway, my Warlord order turned up on the 27th leaving me with 3 days to paint five drones, three of which are buddy drones.

I thought I had allowed plenty of time for the order to arrive this time, but alas the Warlord games dispatch department don’t have the most legible handwriting resulting in…


Quarantine? I wonder what customs thought that hand writing actually said?

I do however feel I am better prepared for the rest of the year. I (naturally) haven’t done any list building to confirm this but this order included a significant support package in the form of a howitzer, Drop Troop Command, Drop Troops, and Interceptor bikes.


I am hoping this will cover the next three months of model requirements. It also means I might just get ahead of the deadlines again.

Unfortunately illness really hampered gaming opportunities because I really didn’t want to pass it on to my fellow ToAGers and as it cycled through the family I wasn’t confident I was clear until it was too late. Such is life I guess.

On to this months progress! As I had got the jump by over painting last month all I really needed to add was one more unit and some Shield Drones for the NuHu. This was priority #1 as it became rapidly clear in round one that this guys would became a prime target.

Having added in the maximum allocation it was on to units. With the starter set my resource pool it was going to be a case of more strike troops, or light support drones.

The choice was pretty simple, add something new, so light plasma drones it is. At 750 points I still didn’t think it was worth adding the subvertor matrix drone. Keen as I am to see how annoying it is, the range of opponents I have I think more guns is a better option. Two drones and a spotter took me up to the 750 points.

For paint scheme I debated on colour, initially want to go something new Like purple to help them stand out from the rest of the force, but in the end went for the original plan of support forces = Green. A quick google search of clone war ships have me some inspiration for pattern and I set to work.

This time around I’ve gone for a slightly different scheme on the spotter drone, that I couldn’t replicate on the Light Drone as they don’t have tails. I did however keep the same style on the body ring.


Assembly and base coat (minus 1 Shield Drone)


Fast forward to nearly done. Note the over paint on the inner ring


Shield Drones! I really love the Gates of Antares buddy drones.


The full 750 points to date, and the halfway mark for the force.

Drone Gallery