Some time ago I starter to steer away from the army scale collections and moved into skirmish games. These smaller tabletop games allow me to scratch the itch for painting, and put a lot of variety into that painting diet. The smaller skirmish games also mean faster play time and often a game I can squeeze into a lunch-break. The Marvel Universe Miniatures Game (MUMG) is the most recent of these games.

The game is produced by Knight Models, who also make the Batman Miniatures game. While I do have a Penguin crew for Batman, I’ve never actually played and while I loved the Arkham series of computer games, I never really got a strong draw to the mini’s game. I think in part this is because I have the PC games, but also in part that a portion of my crew are thugs. Ordinary perps… plus I’ve also always been more of a Marvel heroes guy than a DC heroes.

A good friend of mine Simon is a huge Gambit fan, so it seemed natural for me to take the bad guys to his X-men. Enter the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


The “starter” set for this faction include Pyro, but I am still in the process of painting him.  Twitter followers would have seen Sabretooth a while ago on my twitter feed as he was the first I tackled and painted up much faster than anticipated. I was kind of expecting to hate the colours and have to strip him back, but in the end he came out bang on what I was trying to replicate. It took much longer to finish him because I was so undecided on the base. I knew it wasn’t going to be snow like the artwork as I knew most games were going to be on Urban terrain. In the end I went with a cracked concrete effect with litter. After all, sadly nothing says urban like litter. :/


It’s probably the closest the big lug has been to a newspaper as well.

Next up was Lady Mastermind. Not a whole lot to paint here as she wears exclusively black. Right on theme, but struggling to make the three colour minimum standard painting tourneys sometime carry.


However, a local club runs a theme painting challenge and this months theme is bases. This was the tipping point for the style of the base as litter would spruce up the base. So, a few scattered leaves and a crushed cola can finished her base off. The can is made from a small section of a plastic pole-arm shaft with a “v” cut midsection and then oh so carefully bent with a pair of pliers.


The big man himself was up net. Leader of the Brotherhood I kept changing my mind between a classic purple & crimson Magneto, and the Black & White Ultimate/Now Magneto. In the end “Classic” won out  though I opted to avoid the underwear on the outside look.


Toad completes the Brotherhood so far, and was the last to start because to be honest, I am not such a fan of the medieval ruffle. I considered converting, or just leaving him out of the band altogether. However, the gamer in me can’t deny his useful on the table. There’s a huge variation on Toads looks, so in the end I gave up on trying to find any one scheme, and mixed a few together. I went for green skin, the same yellow/orange as Sabretooth and grey ruffle, gloves & boots.


The relic scenario needs a couple of objectives, and last time we played this we ended up using a couple of kids toys. So, determined to make the game look better I decided on a couple of quick Marvel relics.

Initially I was going to go for the Cosmic Cube and Infinity Gauntlet, but I realised that if any faction got a hold of these… well… it would be game over… for the universe. So I cut back the power level and went for the Tesseract from the Avengers movie.


As this is on of the infinity stones,. the second Relic seemed an easy choice. The Infinity Gauntlet. Made from  a spare part I had kicking around from a Warmachine warjack, I’ve only modeled one gem on the Gauntlet. So even if one side makes off with both relics, they still are not wielding the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet… but they are asking for trouble when Thanos rocks up!


Pyro is almost complete, but red, yellow and fire are all tricky to paint, so he’s taking a little longer than everyone else.

That’s pretty much all I can include for now for now. I’ll pick up Emma Frost next month, and then it’s a case of keeping an eye on the releases to see what comes out next. Mystique, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are my top three, but Blob or Avalanche would be cool too.I’m very tempted to do a Mystique conversion, but should be able to hold out with everything else I have going.