October turned out to be a bit of a bust Antares-wise, but I still managed to get a fair bit of hobby in to maintain my sanity. A couple of weekends back I was off at the annual Redneck Rumble redneckrumble.org/ in the far South West of WA. This Bloodbowl Tourney is a five hour drive for me, but so much fun and well worth the annual pilgrimage. Some guys get together for an annual fishing trip or the like, but we like to get our nerd on and raise money for charity.

This year the event raised over $700 for Beyond Blue through a range of different mechanisms from a charity lunch to first round challenges. While I didn’t come anywhere near winning the event finishing 18th in a field of 20, honestly fielding Halflings I didn’t really expect to. However I did manage a win against Orcs and defended well enough to not give away any more than two touchdowns in any one game. Not bad for a team I’ve only played a half dozen times ever.

As with many events, I was using this to give me the deadline and impetus to get another Bloodbowl team painted. For the Halflings I picked the Buffalo Bills scheme, and as I had giant mushroom men representing my treemen, warped the name with the help of a friend to Truffalo Grills. NFL colour schemes look great on models, giving a really colourful character to the team as well as being instantly recognisable as a football team, even to those not familiar with NFL. This time around I went for a really clean look. White can be a tricky colour to paint with but I am very happy with the end result. Here’s a gallery of the painted player models.

The models themselves come from a wide range including several Games Workshop editions (players), Reaper Bones (Mushroom men), Impact (Coach) Miniatures, Willy miniatures (Puggy), Warploque Miniatures (Chef) and my very own designed female Halfling player we gave away at the Sandgroper tournament. Reaper Bones are funny miniatures to paint, but I have had no issue with them other than bendy bits like the staff on the big mushrooms. The Warploque Miniatures Arcworlde chef was where the real trouble began.

I found myself pulling all the mini’s together and was short one chef. I was sure I had collected one, and then it hit me that it was the Arcworlde Kickstarter, and when I picked up those models I just packed them away as primarily I’d picked them up for a later “for the love of painting” job. Before looking for them I thought I’ll just do a quick check of the Kickstarter to see if it included a chef. It did, but there after followed a “quick look” into Arcworlde and where it was at. Big mistake.

Turns out the basic rules for Arcworlde are a free download from Warploque Miniatures,  and they had another Kickstarter running. What (un)fortunately timing! Not only that, the Kickstarter included an update to Halflings, with giant moustaches and great swords. How could I not back that?

Reading the rules I was hooked by the Gentleman’s agreement, and the fun based approach the author (Alex Huntley) emphasised for the game. Reading on further the rules seemed simple enough. There’s a magic system that uses a “tarot” deck like Blackjack, with results over 21 being both disastrous and hilarious. There is also an “Epic Dual” challenge system that uses the same cards to give the duellers random bonuses each round of the duel. Cool… now all I needed was an opponent to give the game a crack.

As it turns out it didn’t take much to talk my mate Chris into trying the system, and a few weeks back we gave the game a crack to see how it played out. By the end of that game Chris was hooked, backing the Kickstarter, and I was sold on yet another game system. All because I went looking for a Halfling chef for my Bloodbowl team.

Oh, and behold, I missed a Kickstarter for troll bridge which included Halfling Rangers. I have some catching up to do.

So that’s what happened to Gates of Antares this month. The Drop Troop command and Drones got assembled, based, and are ready to paint, but Halflings stole most of my available painting time, and Arcworlde a lot of my enthusiasm. So, this month’s Gates of Antares target doubles to 500 points, and if I recall correctly it is as simple as adding a Drop Troop unit. Hopefully… I’ve lost a week already!