Marvel Thursdays have become “a thing” for some of my regular lunchtime gaming crowd. While the time allowed is a bit of a push, it’s a great way top build familiarity with a game, and we are all hoping that these sessions will build that to a point where we can complete a gaming in the time allowed.

Last Thursday my Brotherhood of Magneto, Toad and Sabretooth took on Peter’s Avengers in the form of Captain America, Black Widow and Thor. The latter I wasn’t looking forward too as I’d seen his profile card and he’s got quite a range! We picked the energy pillars scenario where each side has to try to align the pillars to their allegiance.  Setting up looked like this.


Black Widow is hiding behind the truck.

What is fast becoming Magneto’s opening signature move, flying forwards and tossing the riot truck at Captain America. Unfortunately both dodged the truck, but Captain America had to go the long way round.


Magneto secures an objective for the Brotherhood



Thor closes in on Toad!



… but Toad is a slippery sucker and the Thunder God fails to pin him down.



… meanwhile Captain America needs to call a friend… in Gotham City?!

Sabretooth ended up taking on Black Widow and Captain America by himself, and Toad spent his time dodging Thor and keeping objectives focused for the Brotherhood.

All up we managed three full turns at the end of which the Brotherhood managed to score a single VP to the Avengers zero. The game of course was far from over and Avengers are a new faction to me so we did spend a lot of time looking up the rules.

That said painted terrain, and painted minis… this game looks so cool!