So probably goes without saying, the end of November & December have been crazy busy, leaving pretty much no time for the hobby. My Tales of Antares targets have been missed by a mile. What I have done is joined a D&D game which will hopefully have me painting mini’s again, and been playing computer games.

One of those games includes joining a Bloodbowl league via Bloodbowl II on the PC. So, the pretty much the same thing right? Well, almost. It’s gaming, and does shadow the plans I have for tabletop Bloodbowl in 2017.

Game #1 pitted my chaos Team, The  Mordheim Maulers (MM) up against another Chaos team, The North City Southerners (NCS) in a game which can only be described as pretty damned unlucky for my opponent, and some damned jammy rolls for me.

MM won the toss and elected to kick. My key kicker all game was Xaqog… a Minotaur Kicker?!


NCS took the ball, and started down the pitch. Turn 4 (T4) a Mauler beastman made a lucky blitz, taking down the ball carrier. Another swept in and in a desperate attempt to just get it down field, and Long Bombs the ball to a waiting beastman downfield. The pass comes off. Shortly thereafter the maulers score. Game plays on to the end of the half with no further score for either side.

NCS kick to the Maulers… touch back. Coach gives the ball the the centre man… Xaqog… who proceeds to Blitz downfield opening a hole. Four beastmen cage up around him, looking more worried about what’s in the cage than outside of it. NCS blitz a corner, Xaqog blitzes out and moves downfield. NCS appear to give up, setting a watch but not tackling the cage, and look on bemused as the Wild Animal roars in frustration at his entourage. Eventually he gets the idea, and charges for the score line on T12.

Minotaur Touchdown!


Two up in the second half things look pretty hard for the NCS… then bad luck follows. T13 failed pass, T14 failed hand off, then a light of brilliance as they sweep the ball out of two tackle-zones… then fumble the hand-off!  T16 Maulers sweep in, scoop up the ball, pass to a waiting beastman….


Armour Breaks says it all. MM 5 armour breaks vs NCS 11. I KO’d 1 beastman (who never came back), and put 2 Chaos Warriors in the injured bin, one -1 AG! In return I suffered only 1 KO’d beastman, who came back almost immediately.

North City picked up two Team Re-rolls during the game, but seeming to no avail. Lady luck just wasn’t with him. Next game I have is against Humans. With a bunch of starting skills I might not be quite so lucky.