Or, sometimes bad things happen, but it works out OK.

So it’s been a long time since I have updated the blog, and that’s primary because I really haven’t had any time for the hobby. Last year was also a bit of an unfocused year. Lots of new games, not much attention on any one game. While in part that was the plan, it wasn’t a satisfying gaming experience which ultimately led to a three month break while I worked out what I wanted out of my hobby. End result: I’m sure will change but I’ve signed up for a Bloodbowl league (more on that another time) and am determined to get back to WII gaming. But enough of that, on the the models!

The first kit off the block is a Warlord Sd kfz 251/D. The choice of model was in part because I have plans for a 2 player campaign, and I’ll need at least one for it, part guilt over owning no less than three 251/D’s and none of them assembled, and in part a first test model for the salt paint chipping method for a centre piece I have in progress.

Assembling the model I went for bare minimum of extras. I wanted to keep this model relatively clean & simple. I thought I may add some foliage camouflage, but maybe something for the future. The model went together pretty well, minimal clean up required.

The salt chipping method is pretty well covered out there on the internet. Google it or check out this link. Having base coated with Vallejo Model Color “Hull Red” (70.985), I applied the salt, and laid down a two colour camouflage scheme of Vallejo Model Color “Middlestone” (70.882) and Vallejo Model Color “Reflective Green” (70.890). Brushing off the salt I was very happy with the result.

Having got to this stage the next steps are to carefully pick out the details. I also realised at this point the interior was still the Hull Red primer colour. I briefly debated about leaving it that way but in the end settled on hand brushing the interior colour. I then added some weathering, and a few polished steel lines to convert the feel of steel over plastic.

I then realised that I had forgotten the decals! Three months off and I seemed to have forgotten the right order to do things! A minor set back, I added the decals, re-weathered them, scratched the paint in few places in the process, tidied that up with the hull red, added a bit of brown for mud and was ready to varnish.

That’s when I dropped the model.

I was putting on the matt coat over the “protective” gloss and something, gust of wind? clumsiness? caused me to drop the whole thing. I just stood there dumbfounded. Gathering my composure, I picked up the model, putting it on the painting desk, and went to work. On my return, somewhat calmer, the damage was somewhat amazingly minimal.

The front right corner had some paint missing…

and the rear right corner had taken a beating, but otherwise the model seemed to have escaped unscathed.

While I probably could have left that as exposed metal, I decided to cover up the plastic with the hull red primer (again).

So, despite being out of practice, doing things in the wrong order, dropping the model, adding “authentic battle damage”, the final product turned out very well.

So one of the three half tracks is now complete. The irony of course is that I’ve completely painted this half track over a weekend plus a couple of days, while I still have a work in progress StuG, armoured car, and a sd kfz 250. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling on finish these projects!