Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated… or so said Mark Twain …   or so the story goes. Actually, it seems the story was a bit different and if your really interested you can read more. Anyway, the point is, I’m not dead. Life’s just been a bit hectic and I haven’t had time to sit down and really update the blog properly. There’s a dozen articles in the drafts folder, so time to start finishing things.

So what have I been doing? Largely being distracted from the hobby that this blog is all about. There’s been a bit of camping & socializing with the local wildlife.

camping1  camping2

There’s also been a fair bit of video gaming, which I usually refer to as “the antithesis of the hobby” because it takes up a lot of time, and at the end of the day doesn’t finish any painting. However, I do try to choose games that let me do a bit of both, and are not attention demanding, so I can paint and play at the same time. Armello is perfect for that. However, my “commute” game Contest of Champions has recently been eating into hobby time. With Spiderman Homecoming on at the movies, it’s all Spiderverse themed at the moment, however, a couple of my favorite heros…


Alas, I also recently got into 7 Days to Die, and that is a 100% attention game else the Zombies will eat you. Pretty much the only time I have for hobby is when I’m hiding in the dark somewhere waiting for morning.

So, that’s what’s been keeping me from the hobby. What I have been doing hobby wise is finishing things. I jumped on a local “Paint Some Stuff”, failed to make the pledge, and realised just how much I had on the bench.

Sixteen Waffen SS for the 9th Hohenstaufen are probably the biggest almost finished group. Many of these were mostly painted, but put to one side as I wasn’t really playing Bolt Action.

Photo 16-6-17, 12 07 37 pm.jpg

Speaking of Bolt Action, my terrain collection has been growing thanks to the addition of a 3D printer to my hobby. This has allowed me to print out a bunch of roads and trees. Having a good tables worth of roads I caught up with my good mate Drew for a game.


The newly painted Panzerschrek team moves up the road to set up an ambush.


Sadly that game I made many mistakes, dice treated me poorly (the Panzerschrek missed twice) and the British Paratroopers won the day easily.

I’ve also dipped my toe into Chain of Command. What better way to learn than jump in on a campaign? My first game started well, but a late collapse and rout of an infantry team ended up routing my entire force, however enough damage had been done to pull off a draw.


I’ve also managed to put out a little terrain. The tree is a 3D printed armature, but I’ll go into how to build that step-by-step that in another blog post. The larger grave has a 3D printed fence, the smaller stones are Black Tree Designs, and the larger is actually leftover card cut-outs from the window details on the Chateau. The smaller graves are just Black Tree graves on 25x50mm bases. All the leaf scatter is green tea.


Aiming for the next update to be sooner than three months from now!