A classic late war armoured car, the SdKfz 234/2 or better known as the ‘Puma’ has long been a favorite of mine.Not sure what exactly it is about it, but the aesthetic just appeals. Doesn’t hurt that as a recce vehicle armed worth a 50mm gun it’s pretty decent in most WWII games.

I haven’t found any evidence that the 9th SS Hohenstaufen were ever issued with this vehicle, I haven’t done extensive research either.

I picked the Warlord model as this kit came as part of the army deal I picked up when I first started. However, I was determined to not start this kit until a majority if not all of my infantry were completed. Largely as a motivator to get the infantry done because their camouflage uniforms can be somewhat soul destroying 🙂

Here’s the kit fully assembled. I opted to use a crewman from the Warlord metal range rather than the plastic one that came with the kit as the plastic one is quite true to scale, and thus out of scale with the metal figures. As the commander was going to be largely out of the vehicle I wanted him to look proportionate to the infantry that may appear next to the vehicle. No other modifications were made.


As I wanted to try more salt paint chipping (I’m convinced I want to do this to all my vehicles) I started with an airbrushed base coat of Vallejo’s Model Color Hull Red (70.985).


The salt was then applied generously over the vehicle.


Then a lot of it removed. As it turns out, this is a bit too much and the effect was not as pronounced as I was hoping for, but such is life.


I then used my airbrush to apply the base coat of Middlestone (70.882), and camouflage pattern of Reflective Green (70.890 and Chocolate Brown (70.872).


Like all good painting tutorials, I now skip to the final product 🙂 Well, truth is I actually had a hell of a time with the airbrush, the salt chipping sticking too much, scratching the paint down to the plastic, and not producing a result I had hoped, that I kind of forgot about step-by-step photos.

However, from here on it really is just weathering details and decals. One day I’ll remember decals first, then weathering, but as it was I had finished and then remembered decals. so had to go back and add some dirt, paint, chips, etc.


I’m undecided on foliage, and for now have left it as is.