Chain of Command, aka CoC. Yet another game. So what happened to not playing all the games? Well to be honest that was never going to work 🙂 but in all honesty this is a new rule set for miniatures I already have, so other than learning a new system, there’s not much of a commitment.

So what better way to learn a game than to leap straight into a campaign? With one tutorial game under my belt, I leapt in feet first, and pulled a draw for my round 1 game! Everything was going swimmingly till the Americans who were already in a position where they could not win decided to risk an assault, won it, and the resulting route broke my army as well.

Sate of play just before my troops routed destroying force morale.

Round 2 saw me up against elite British paratroopers around a French village.


One thing I have discovered about Chain of Command is it need me to have, and bring, a lot more models to the game. Having to choose re-reinforcements determined by a dice roll from a set list has given me some inspiration to get things finished. Plus at Panzergrenadiers I need 2 MG42’s per Squad, and a full three squads… something I’d rarely be able to afford in Bolt Action!

However for this game I had planned ahead a little and I took a Sniper, and Adjunct, and an SdKfz 250 with a 4-man team with MG42. The battle plan was simple. Lock down the Allies in the patrol phase, deploy two of the squads in buildings, and try to get my opponent to reveal his plan, then counter with the recon SdKfz250 and last squad.


The plan worked to a degree, the patrol phase locked the Allies mostly into one corner of the table, and the first unit placed resulting an something of a Mexican stand-off. The SdKfz250 rolled on in an attempt to break the stand off, and flank the paratroopers. However, it’s here that 1. my plan went wrong and 2. my knowledge of the game rules started to let me down. Rules-wise I discovered that half tracked vehicles can’t plow through hedges, so I was going to have to either negotiate a forest, or take the road. I also chose to support the forward team, when what I should have done was fall back.

The allies got the command dice then needed, and rocked up in force. Massed gunfire started to take it’s toll.

PIAT moves in for a shot at the SdKfz 250, but the team is super cautious and doesn’t make the distance to get a clear shot.

From here on photo’s were abandoned, and the plan fell apart. A paratrooper flamethrower team rocked up, torched the teams in the building, killing my Senior Leader, forcing the Panzerschrek team to flee, and basically destroying force morale (again).

So, in my first two games I have learned that total Force Morale can be destroyed by just a couple of teams. It also seems to pay to  play CoC like the man on the ground. Like you know each soldier… not like a general back at Château la Boîte moving flags on a map.

Thus far I’m thoroughly enjoying the system. It certainly requires a different approach to Bolt Action, and the Patrol phase means every mission is going to be different, even if it’s the same scenario. I’m now a bit ahead of the schedule, so waiting for everyone else to get their round 2 games in.