While my 9th Hohenstaufen are mostly Autumn Oak Leaf camouflage, there were a couple of miniatures in the Warlord metal range that were clearly wearing zeltbahn ponchos. For these I had to take a different approach to Oak leaf (Summer or Autumn) or standard uniforms.

So what is zeltbahn? Essentially I’s a quarter of a tent carried by the German soldier which could be work as a poncho, or four joined together to make a tent.


Several could be joined to make larger tents, or sections could be used as a sling, a hide, stretcher, etc. Zeltbahn.net is a great resource for seeing the different applications, camouflage, schemes etc.

For my SS I decided to change up the scheme and have something that stood apart from the Summer & Autumn Oak Leaf, so I went for Splittermuster (German for splinter-pattern) as yet a third camouflage pattern!

To paint Splinter Pattern, I use

  • Vallejo Khaki (70.998) as the base colour,
  • shade this with Army Painter soft tone,
  • highlight the smock Vallejo Khaki (70.988)
  • camouflage pattern with Reflective Green (70.890) and Chocolate Brown (70.872) disruptive patterns.
  • drybrush with khaki to fade

The result is quite subtle in terms of camouflage, certainly compared to the Autumn Oak leaf I have been painting. I have a box of Heer Veterans and many of those are wearing zeltbahn so I may vary the scheme for them to make the camouflage more pronounced.


Then again, in standard German Grey uniforms perhaps it will contrast nicely anyway. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.