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Julian Palmer
Team: Sons of Brawl (Chaos Dwarves)

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Have You Got The Balls?

Entry to the tournament includes a Free Exclusive Limited Edition Halfling miniature – Ginger Baconslayer

sc8_preview baconslayer

The tournament will be run over 7 games, in a swiss style, using official Bloodbowl Competition Rules Pack. Teams will also reset after each game. Prizes from Games Workshop, Shadowforge and Impact Miniatures will be awarded, as well as the Sandgroper Cup.

When: Saturday May 17th and Sunday 18th of May 2014
Where: The Albion Hotel, 535 Stirling Highway, Cottesloe, Western Australia
Cost: $50 Ticket (Earlybird special), $60 from April 1st


Download the players pack here


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