Iron Dragon I

Iron Dragon I WINNER

Iron Dragon Winner 2012

Drew Lovell
Faction: Cult of Yurei

DAIMJO OF WAR (Best General)
Drew Lovell
Faction: Cult of Yurei

Drew Lovell
Faction: Cult of Yurei

Zen Fairborn
Faction: Temple of Ro-kan

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Entry to the tournament included a Free Exclusive set of Limited Edition Ki Tokens


The tournament was run over 4 games at both 35 and 50 rice values, in a swiss style, using official GCT Studio Quick Start Rules. Prizes from GCT Studios, Secret Weapon Miniatures and Tactics were awarded, as well as the Daimyo of the Iron Dragon Trophy.

When: Sunday 12th of August 2012
Where: The Carine Tavern, 493 Beach Road, Duncraig, Western Australia
Cost: $25 Ticket


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